Enhance Your Portfolio With A Commercial Property Investment In Wagle Estate, Thane

Real estate is one of the most profitable investment options. Whether it is a space for use by oneself, leased for rent or sold in the future, investing in real estate is one of the wisest decisions. Opting for a commercial property offers double the benefits of rental income and property appreciation.

However, for many the rapidly advancing property values make it tough to invest. Further, lower-value projects may be available but unless they are from a reputed real estate developer in Thane such as Ace Realty or in a good location, they can bring more problems than joy.

For those looking to invest in a commercial property, Wagle Estate in Thane is emerging as a popular choice. The upcoming IT Park Ace Signature by Ace Realty has created quite a buzz for its exceptional design, strategic location, and impressive infrastructure.

Here, we take a look at the top reasons to purchase commercial property in Wagle Estate, Thane.

1. Strategic Location

When investing in any real estate, location is a primary concern. Wagle Estate is located in a well-connected and thriving area of Thane attracting several businesses and investors alike. The rapid development of metro lines and highways reduces commute time and allows for easy access further adding to its appeal. For people living in a 2 BHK property in Thane, Wagle Estate serves as a great place to seek work or set up a business.

2. Thriving Business Set-up

Wagle Estate has witnessed huge attraction from businesses and industries ranging from IT to finance and more. This dynamic hub has drawn the attention of India’s top real estate developer Ace Realty with premium ongoing projects in Thane including the Ace Signature IT Park. A thriving business hub, Wagle Estate is attracting businesses, employment, and new economic opportunities making it a lucrative space for commercial investment.

3. Income Opportunities

Thane is a thriving business hub making it an ideal investment for rental income. With an increasing number of businesses and industries looking to setup here, investing in commercial property can help generate high levels of rent, at par with developed locations such as Mulund, while minimising risk and effort.

4. Capital Appreciation

Presently, Wagle Estate is still being developed giving buyers a unique opportunity to invest at potentially lower rates. While rent is still high, at present commercial investment is almost 40% cheaper than surrounding areas Mulund and Thane which retail at 25000 per square foot while Wagle Estate is presently selling at 15000 to 16000 per square foot. With immense infrastructure development and improved connectivity, these rates are going to rise significantly allowing for tremendous capital appreciation.

5. Proximity to Residential Areas

Commercial hubs are often situated on the outskirts with little else surrounding them. Wagle Estate offers a unique appeal of proximity to shopping malls and residential areas while being situated in the midst of thriving commercial activity. This further attracts investment as it ensures a steady workforce while supporting an overall lifestyle.


Investing in commercial property in Wagle Estate, Thane, presents a compelling opportunity for investors seeking a strategic and lucrative real estate venture. With prominent real estate developers in Thane such as Ace Realty building projects there, you can invest in reliable property that is sure to maximise your returns.