High Or Lower: What Floor Is Best In A High-Rise Building?

In a city like Mumbai, high-rise buildings can be seen all across the skyline. Finding a 2 BHK luxury home in Thane by a reputed builder such as Ace Realty can be transformative. For people investing early, one question that often arises is the choice of floor.

While higher floors are considered to be premium, lower floors boast of easy accessibility. Here, we take a look at the top features that can help you choose the right floor for your needs and preferences.

1. Breath-taking Views

For people who love to step out onto their balcony every morning and enjoy an elevated vantage point, higher floors are definitely recommended. New and upcoming residential apartments in Thane are built in less-congested areas to give residents a sense of calm. These high-rise buildings offer stunning views which are better from the higher floors. If views are a consideration, opt for high or mid-level floors and avoid the lower floors.

2. Accessibility

This is a critical consideration, especially for senior citizens or people with mobility constraints. If accessibility is a factor, lower floors are recommended. This ensures that even in the case of an emergency or power outage, residents are less disturbed. Further, convenience is greater on lower floors to access common facilities such as gyms and recreational centres offered within the residential property in Thane.

3. Noise Levels

Noise levels tend to differ across floors. Typically, floors at the lower level are more likely to be inundated with noise. This could be residents out in the apartments or traffic noise from the street. Residents who value peace and silence should book upper floors when investing in real estate projects in Thane while those who prefer a livelier atmosphere would be better at the lower levels.

4. Temperature Changes

In India, summers can be quite harsh leading to hotter homes. Higher floors are often warmer due to their proximity to the building’s rooftop, while lower floors are often cooler due to the being closer to the ground. Strong winds are also felt more forcefully at the higher levels than the ground levels.

5. Social Interactions

Some people love being part of the community and getting together at common areas in the evening. Lower floors tend to encourage this due to easy accessibility and convenience. On the other hand, higher floors tend to offer more privacy, making it ideal for people who don’t like socialising much. However, properties by reputed builder and developer in Thane, Ace Realty, offer top-notch services such as functional elevators and secure spaces that allow all residents to enjoy a community feel.


When it comes to picking a floor in a high-rise building, the choice depends on your personality and preferences. While each floor level presents its unique advantages, residents must prioritise the factors that suit their lifestyle and comfort. Most importantly, be sure to invest early in upcoming projects in Thane to get your preferred floor and location.