Everyone prefers to have a room with a view, and the right window treatment can amplify the look of the room in more ways than one. That is why more and more homeowners are opting for novel window treatments when they are buying luxury apartments in Mulund or Thane, combining design styles and aesthetics.

However, since window covers are more than a functional item, it’s important not to choose a window covering at the last minute. Spend some time going through the various options available to select the right one. Here are the top window covering options that can transform the home in the most pleasing way possible.

The Structure of Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are one of the most aesthetically pleasing ways to do up the luxury apartment in Mulund, they filter in the right amount of light in the guest bedroom. It combines form and function and is a great way to add patterns to the house. It’s a wonderful substitute for heavy draperies that tend to overwhelm the house. It offers a more relaxed Mediterranean vibe, and homeowners can opt for different versions such as standard flat fold, plain fold, etc.

Fabric Variations and Colorful Options in Draperies

For different versions of window treatment, fabric choices deserve the most attention. However, it does not mean opting for the same-old versions, instead, experiment with sheer and semi-sheer fabrics to lend a new look. Add a breezy vibe with fresh prints in linen or cotton to provide a gorgeous look. It’s a subtle way to make a stunning impact. While choosing fabrics, strike a fine balance between aesthetic and function. Find out whether it blocks or filters the streaming light.

The era of neutral window treatments is over as more and more homeowners use colorful decoration window décor options to add cheer to their lives. While white curtains are a viable option, adding more colors and patterns can add more texture to the homes. Draperies in thin stripes or florals can help homeowners embrace happy colors and elevate the room décor in more ways than one. Choosing happy colors such as blue, orange, and yellow and combining them with ivory, beige, or cream can work up a brilliant décor.


Blinds are another interesting style of window treatment option and are available in wood, and other alternatives such as metal, and aluminum. Blinds are timeless and are available in horizontal and vertical options and they are often seen in Luxury 2 BHK homes in Thane or Mulund. They are also a versatile option as they help adjust lighting, offer privacy, and look good too. Experiment with wood and other wood-alternative blinds to create a cozy atmosphere for your residential apartment in Thane or Mumbai. To lend a more sleek and contemporary touch, add a more durable and clean style. Notch up a stellar look with the right customizations, finishes, colors, and textures to customize the window treatment options.


Shutters are another viable option to amp up the interior or exterior window decor. While exterior shutters often have a classic and rustic look, interior hardwood shutters are more durable and enjoy a longer shelf life. Select from a myriad of colors and finishes to add a unique look to your residential property in Thane or Mumbai. Customize the shutters according to the privacy and light of the home.


Add specific window treatment options catering to the needs of different rooms. The dining area looks great with wall-length curtains while the kitchen can do great with wood-alternative blinds. Ensure the window treatment options blend a harmonious whole look instead of sticking out like a sore thumb. Pick from the best materials and chic finishes and colors to enhance the look of the home.