Is Mulund the new Powai? Powai has been the seat of leading branded developers building premium homes in the last couple of decades attracting business owners and working professionals in droves. Mulund is slowly but surely following in the steps of Powai as there are currently many hotshot developers who have several ongoing projects that offer affordable luxury apartments in Mulund.

Mulund also boasts of several important factors that work in its favor. Mulund offers excellent connectivity to Thane, and the upcoming Metro along with the Goregaon-Mulund Link Road (GMLR) will significantly improve transportation, making it easier to commute to various parts of Mumbai from residential complexes to workplaces.

The land crunch and soaring real estate prices are finally making real estate developers in Thane and Mumbai seek greener pastures and Mulund occupies the top slots for the same. Mulund is one of Mumbai’s first-ever planned suburban areas and is an ideal spot for homebuyers who want to find the right balance between cosmopolitan living surrounded by nature.

Top Reasons to Buy a Redevelopment Flat in Mulund

Promises Better Standard of Living

The reason why redevelopment is prevalent and there are more and more upcoming projects in Mulund is that it promises a better standard of living for existing owners and new buyers. The reconstruction includes building it from scratch and provides many new and improved amenities such as firefighting, concealed plumbing, clubhouse, smoke detectors, intercom facilities, cable and telephone wirings, and countless others that perhaps many older complexes may not have. It ensures a better and improved version of the former building.

More Cost-effective than Repairing.

People may first opt for structural repairs instead of redevelopment at the first chance, but it only adds a few more years to an old property’s life. Also repairing is often not economically viable as seepage, weak walls, leaking water pipes and other structural issues remain. Redevelopment becomes the ideal scenario where land can be put to better use. It may also not need huge investments to make. It also cuts down on the extra expenses that old buildings need regularly.

Offers Plenty of Space

Redevelopment of residential property in Mulund is the ideal solution for the housing shortage problem in prime urban locations since the old buildings are replaced with flats and new areas are not used. It is a welcome situation for flat owners as they get a new home with additional space at no extra cost.

Redevelopment Improves Prospects of the Whole Area

Redeveloping old structures in Mulund can revitalize the neighborhoods with fresh economic development. Apart from there being better housing with more shopping areas, and open spaces, careful redevelopment of buildings can revitalize old neighborhoods. It also boasts premium capital values and better rentals promising overall better economic value.


It is the ideal time to buy a luxury 2 BHK in Mulund or a 3 BHK flat in a redevelopment project as it boasts innumerable prospects and opportunities for the residents. It offers something for each resident. With premium educational facilities juxtaposed with excellent health facilities at reputed hospitals, Mulund is the next big hot spot in the Mumbai real estate horizon. The conveniences are only going to amplify further in the future.