The Better Choice: Integrated Township vs Standalone Tower

Buying a flat is a dream for several individuals. Be it a sprawling 2 BHK property in Thane or a residential property in Mulund, selecting a home comes with many choices. For a lot of people, a key consideration is deciding between a standalone tower and an integrated township. Both options offer different benefits as discussed in this article.


Townships require massive land space owing to their sprawling apartments and lavish amenities. For this reason, most townships are constructed on the outskirts of the main city. For people wanting to stay in the main city, a standalone tower may be a feasible solution. However, with Mumbai becoming more congested every day, a township with 2 BHK luxury homes in Thane may offer a better life.


Integrated townships offer various kinds of amenities that range from health centres, meditation rooms, conference rooms, swimming pools, and more. These amenities help residents live a holistic and healthy lifestyle with ease. In standalone towers, there are almost no additional amenities requiring residents to head out of the gate for everything. In a city like Mumbai known for its congested traffic, this may not always be a feasible option.


Typically, townships are not situated in the main city. This makes it essential to check for connectivity. Top real estate developer in Thane meticulously plans its projects at well-connected locations allowing for easy movement to the city while offering an array of amenities within the complex. On the other hand, standalone towers in certain cases may offer better connectivity but they could also be located in highly congested places making daily life a noisy affair.


Townships may have a higher maintenance cost than certain standalone towers due to their holistic lifestyle. However, when you look at all the amenities included in the township, it can often be more affordable than having to pay separate membership fees for a gym, pool, and walking area. In standalone towers, the overall cost may be lower but the increase in daily expenses may make it a far more costly affair.

Community Interaction

Townships offer designated spaces for various kinds of community interactions. This fosters a community feeling in residents and allows for a healthy social life. In standalone towers, there are few or no such spaces, so people often don’t even know their neighbours leading to an increased feeling of isolation.


When it comes to security, townships offer far better services than most standalone towers. From 24×7 CCTV camera coverage to patrol guards, townships create a safe environment for their residents. Further, these gated communities work well for families with senior citizens or kids as they do not have to head out of the gate for basic groceries, medical supplies, or recreation aspects.


Both standalone towers and integrated townships offer their share of advantages for homeowners. Based on location, budget, and other personal parameters, individuals can decide what suits them better. Leading builder and developer in Thane, Ace Realty, offers luxurious flats in both options allowing individuals to choose what suits them best.