When you are looking to invest in a property, several factors impact your decision. From budget to size and location, there are numerous aspects to consider. One such important consideration is also the stage of completion.

You can invest in a fully constructed property, ongoing real estate projects in Thane or one that is newly launched. In this article, we take a look at the benefits you receive when investing in a newly launched property.

Best Offers

In an attempt to bring in more investors, a lot of builders offer excellent deals at this time. Investing in a newly launched property can bring you lots of savings. In the same budget, you may get a sprawling 2 BHK luxury home in Thane when it is newly launched but be able to afford a much smaller apartment when investing a few years after launch. Whether you are looking for a property as a rental investment or one to move in with your family, investing at the pre-launch or newly launched stage will get you maximum returns in the future.

Maximum Returns

As development happens in any area, property prices start to soar. These days’ upcoming projects in Thane are being designed to offer holistic living conditions to residents. These include health centres, landscaped gardens, swimming pools, grocery stores, spacious walk-n wardrobes and more. However, all of these facilities add to one’s cost. Purchasing such a property after occupation can be a highly costly affair.

On the other hand, investing in such a property when it is newly launched helps you get ahead of the curve. You are able to invest at a lesser price and enjoy massive capital appreciation in the future. For those looking at an additional property for rental income, the rent continues to grow as the area develops.

Financially Secure Transaction

Real estate investments are nothing small and secure transactions are crucial to ensure you are not swindled out of your hard-earned money. When investing in a residential property in Thane, one of the safest options is during the new launch phase. Here, you are purchasing directly from the builder making it a secure purchase. Make sure that you only invest with a reputed builder and developer such as Ace Realty. Further, at this stage, developers offer various flexible payment options and zero-cost EMIs that make it easier to invest.

Customisation Options

A lot of people have a preference when it comes to balcony views, customised interiors and more. Getting these options after a property has been occupied or fully constructed is difficult. However, when you get in at the pre-launch phase, chances are you can choose the side and floor that you like best. Further, a lot of developers offer select customisation options at this phase allowing you to save money as well as get a unit that is best suited to your needs.


When it comes to investing in a property, along with location, timing is also crucial. Investing in Ace Realty’s newly launched residential apartments in Thane can offer you massive financial and other benefits that are not possible to achieve in the later stages.