One of the best decisions anyone can make for themselves and their family is buying a home. While there are several factors at play ranging from financial to emotional when it comes to property, another factor for several people is that of age.

For some, 20s seem too young to invest in a property. Individuals at this age are still figuring out job opportunities, have no savings, and lack a major contingency fund in case of emergencies. At such an age, investing even in affordable flats in Thane seems challenging. On the other hand, people in their 50’s feel they are too old.

We are here to tell you that when it comes to buying a house, it is never too late. Age is not a factor as property is one of the best investment decisions at all ages be it a 1 BHK luxury home in Thane or a 3 BHK residential apartment in Thane.

However, choosing the right property is critical to get maximum returns on your investment. Here, we bring you the ultimate checklist to help you invest in the ideal property even at a later age.


This is always the number one consideration when buying property. Location plays a pivotal role in the asset value and appreciation of the property. However, properties in better locations may be more costly as well. For people investing later in life, a hefty savings account can help with this. Further, it is advisable to partner with a reputed real estate developer In Thane like Ace Realty, known for their picturesque and prime locations.


The more houses you see, the more you will be tempted to pick the better choice every time. This is why it is essential to have a clear budget and only look for options within them. A well-planned budget will ensure you meet your repayments in time as well as have sufficient funds in the bank for any emergency.


These days, most reputed builders are offering a treasure trove of amenities within their residential property in Thane. As you grow older, certain amenities may be more important to have accessible within the complex. These may include everything from a grocery centre to a yoga facility or a seniors’ community room. Look for specific amenities that suit your needs when investing.

Nearby Facilities

Another consideration when investing in a house is to check for nearby facilities. For young families in their 20s and 30s, a property near good schools and activity centres may be important but for older adults medical facilities are likely to be a priority.


This property consideration often gets clearer with age. If you are single in your 40’s and 50’s you may want to enjoy a luxurious 1 BHK studio apartment in Thane. On the other hand, for multiple people, the number of bedrooms is an important factor. Further, based on budget you can enjoy sprawling 2 BHK luxury homes in Thane with modern features such as smart gadgets and walk-in wardrobes.


When it comes to buying a house, it is never too late. With age, your priorities may shift but the need for a roof over your head stays consistent. With this checklist, you can buy the perfect house at every age.