When you wish to upscale your lifestyle, the first thing that comes to your mind is changing the space you are living in. The terms ‘luxury’ and ‘super-luxury’ are used interchangeably. There is a thin line difference between these residential apartments in Thane, and to understand these two terms in detail, let us understand how luxury apartments are different from super luxury ones so that you can make an informed choice while buying from an ongoing project in Thane.


Ultra-luxury apartments are more secure in terms of privacy than luxury apartments. If you are conscious of your security, you will prefer living in a space with highly secured entrances and exits, mostly found in ultra-luxury apartments. Another aspect of privacy is also how much personal space an apartment offers you. Luxury apartments have more than two apartments per level while super luxury apartments have one or maximum two apartments per floor level.

Material quality and finishes

Both luxury and ultra-luxury apartments are known for offering high-quality materials and finishes. When you go for luxury apartments, you can expect high-end materials like granite countertops, hardwood flooring, and designer fixtures. But in case of ultra-luxury 3 bhk property in Thane, you can expect rare materials like imported marble, customised interior designs, handcrafted finishes, etc. This in turn offers you a lavish living environment.

Exclusive features

Ultra-luxury apartments come with exceptional attention to details, personalised services, and unparalleled features like amazing locations, breathtaking views, and extraordinary architecture. Apart from standard amenities, you also get facilities like private elevators, home automation system, private theatres, rooftop gardens, etc. The whole idea is to offer bespoke living experience.


You will usually find ultra-luxury apartments in most-coveted places that are marked by open green spaces, great connectivity, and social infrastructure, and are strategically located. These apartments are also coupled with less noise, great views, and less pollution. The overall quality of life and ease of living is improved when you shift to an ultra-property in Thane.


As mentioned earlier, ultra-luxury apartments offer unmatched living experiences to the residents by offering the latest trends in technology and design. They are characterised by smart home features, high-quality construction materials, imported modular kitchens, high- end interiors, designer fittings, eco-friendly functionality, and more. On the other hand, luxury apartments aim to offer a sophisticated and comfortable lifestyle. They also have all the amenities and features that cater to the high standards of living for residents. For exceptional experience, you should go for ultra-luxury apartments.


It is natural to say that for ultra-luxury apartments, you need to pay a higher price point. The unique offerings, prime locations, and exclusivity of ultra-luxury apartments come with premium pricing. These apartments have strong investment potential because of their limited availability and desirability. Luxury apartments are also investment-worthy choices, but they may not offer the same exclusivity and potential appreciation. Choosing between luxury apartments and ultra-luxury ones is a personal choice. Opt for a reputed property developer in Thane and choose your apartment that makes you feel complete at first glance and falls under your budget.