Lifts have become an important accessory in residential apartments. This becomes all the more critical in the city of high-rise apartments –Mumbai. People purchasing residential property in Thane often enquire about the number and safety of lifts.

While this machine makes life easy, especially for people on higher verticals, there are several rules and regulations that need to be followed. These guidelines help ensure the safety of the people and the building.

Regulatory Body

The standards for lift use are put forward by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). These essential guidelines cover everything from the types of lifts to be used, recommended dimensions, technical specifications, and so on. This body also outlines legislations regarding the installation, operation, and maintenance of various lifts from passenger to service lifts. An important point to note here is that BIS standards refer to the essential national standards that need to be followed. However, certain states may further mandate additional rules for compliance.

Number and Type of Lift

There is no specific rule for the number of lifts in a building. This is determined based on the type of property and the number of units in the complex. In lavish properties designed by Ace Realty, residents can enjoy convenient transportation from the ground floor to their 2 BHK luxury home in Thane with multiple lift options. However, the guidelines do outline the minimum requirements to be ensured. For example, in a building taller than 15 metres, a fire elevator suitable for 8 people is important. This lift should have automatic doors. Other than this, state-specific rules may apply.

Typically, buildings with four or more stories are mandated to have a lift. Properties with three stories or less can choose to install a lift but it is not mandatory. The lift in such buildings needs to comfortably hold 6 people at a time to avoid inconvenience to guests or residents.

Installation and Maintenance of Lift

To install a lift, the builder or owner of the property needs to submit an application to the relevant authority for 2 licenses to install and operate the lift. A certified contractor needs to then install the lift as per all the safety codes listed. Once the lift is installed, a test is conducted to check the security and working of the lift before it is accessible to residents.

To ensure the continuous safety of the lift, proper maintenance needs to be conducted. Further, the license period differs across states. It is important to renew the licenses before they expire to stay legally compliant. Reputed builder and developer in Thane –Ace Realty, is known for adhering to all regulatory norms and using only premium materials to ensure the safety and convenience of their residents.


Lifts provide massive convenience for people living in tall structures. It also adds a lot of value to the property price. While lifts have become a modern necessity, adhering to all important rules and regulations is essential to guarantee their smooth operation. The next time you decide to invest in residential property in Thane, be sure to check that the lifts installed are legally compliant.