Decorating your 2 BHK luxury home in Thane is sure to unleash your creative side, but if you have a pet, you will also need to keep their concerns in mind. Whether it is a dog, cat or a bird, pets bring a lot of love but also require a lot of care. Making your residential apartment in Thane pet-friendly from the start can help protect your home while also making it a comfortable space for your pets.

In this article, we bring you some of the best and easy ways to make your home a pet-friendly space.

1. Protect your Furniture

Pets are going to scratch your furniture and climb over it leaving their hair and dander behind. Protect our furniture by using washable covers that can be removed when entertaining. Also, opt for furniture made from leather and other durable materials. Wherever possible, install scratch-guards, especially, at doorframes and table ends.

2. Secure the No-Go Areas

Certain sections of your 2 BHK studio apartment in Thane may be off-limits to the pet such as balconies and certain areas. Secure these areas using a pet-friendly gate. Avoid using plain glass as a barrier as your pet may collide into it and get hurt.

3. Create a Dedicated Space

Your pet needs to know where it can go and rest during the quiet times. Create a designated space in your home for your pet. You can place a bed, water bowl, and a few toys here. This will limit your pet’s movement in other areas of the house.

4. Create a Walk Routine

When living in a 2 BHK residential apartment in Thane, your pet will be reliant on you for a walk as there is no backyard access. To avoid them urinating at your home, set up a walk schedule from day 1. This will encourage your pet to get into a routine and keep your home clean.

5. Keep all Chemical and Toxic Substances Out of Reach

Pets have an uncanny ability to reach open spaces and go through all the various bottles and products stored. Some of these, such as cleaning supplies etc., can be hazardous for them if consumed. Always keep all such substances behind pet-secured gates or out of reach. Also, be sure to tightly close all garbage lids to prevent your pet from scavenging through the trash and dirtying your home.

6. Vacuum your Home Regularly

Pets can shed a lot of hair and dander through your home, be sure to vacuum your floors regularly and wash all linen. It may be advisable to avoid using carets as not only do they accumulate a lot of dirt but can also be damaged by your pet’s claws. Also, be sure to use pet-safe cleaning supplies for your flooring and linen.


Your residential property in Thane isn’t just home for you but your pet as well. The above tips can help you create a fun and safe environment for your pet while also ensuring you do not compromise on the aesthetics and cleanliness of your home.