The very word ‘luxury home’ has different connotations for different people. However, one thing that you conjure up in your mind about a luxury home is a home that is packed with numerous amenities. Filled with features dubbed as lavish from king-sized rooms to beautifully done-up interiors, a luxury home packs a punch in more than one way. Whether you are choosing 1BHK luxury homes from Thane, luxury 2BHK homes in Thane, or any other homes in India, you need to check out the features of a Luxury home the realtor offers to find out whether it meets your requirements. To get state-of-the-art luxury homes that are a class apart, here are certain things to keep in mind.

Wonderful Location With Spectacular Views

Many factors can turn an ordinary home into a luxurious one, including an ideal location, perfect ambiance, and amazing views. By ideal location we mean a location that is a little away from the hub of the city, yet it has all the amenities that you will want daily. It includes markets, schools, colleges, malls, restaurants, etc.; all the amenities you need for a hassle-free existence.

Spectacular Design & Architectural Splendor

Luxury homes look different than ordinary residential complexes, there is something different about their design elements and architecture. The homes look modern and futuristic and create an immediate impression among would-be-home-owners. Realtors always try to add something different to their buildings be it a finishing of chrome and glass, infusing French architectural design elements, and beautiful interiors.

It is the interiors that lend a distinctive look to luxury homes with modular kitchens, modern living rooms with customized fittings, bathrooms with luxurious and functional fittings, and kitchens with matching walls and cabinets.

Spacious, Easy-Breezy Homes

Luxurious homes promise space that is often not possible in the middle of cities. People living in Mumbai often crave spaces, bigger verandahs, living rooms, or bedrooms. Luxury homes often promise just that, palatial homes with huge spaces. Bigger spaces lend a sense of luxury and allow natural light to stream in to create a bigger illusion of space.

The structural spacious marvels coupled with great designs are what draw most buyers to these luxury homes in Thane and different parts of Mumbai.

Surreal Views From Residential Spaces

Apart from space, the other thing most city slickers miss is views that are not barred by other buildings. Somehow people living in residential buildings make them feel that they are in the middle of concrete jungles. This is where luxury homes come in.

They ensure that these complexes are in the middle of a green oasis so that when residents throw open their windows, they can stare at verdant spaces. When they sit on their cozy easy chairs on the verandah, their eyes feast upon trees and more trees and listen to the twittering of birds instead of the cacophony of vehicles blaring their horns.

Amenities And More Amenities

The idea of building luxury homes is to build a self-sufficient city-like complex where you will get every kind of amenity from world-class security to swimming pools to gaming areas and more. You don’t have to venture out of the secured gates of the complex to entertain yourself or to buy a daily essential, you will get everything inside. This will help the residents maintain a perfect work-life balance and relax and rejuvenate themselves in their beautiful and safe haven.


Do you want to live in a secure beautiful space too where everything is available at your convenience? Well, then consider investing in residential apartments In Thane to live a good life in luxury homes.