5 Must-Have Features for Luxury Homes in Thane

A well-designed, spacious, and luxurious home is no longer just a distant dream for people. These days, homeowners are actively looking for luxurious features such as a walk-in wardrobe, premium location and more when buying 2 or 3 BHK luxury homes in Thane. To meet this demand, realtors such as Ace Realty are incorporating several innovative and opulent features in their upcoming real estate projects in Thane to ensure homeowners get maximum joy from their homes.

Some of the top luxury features that are a must in your home include:

1. A Walk-In Wardrobe

Impressive and spacious, a walk-in wardrobe is the highlight of a luxury home in Thane. These wardrobes offer tremendous space with multiple organising options such as shelves, drawers, or even a vanity to better organise all your clothes and accessories. Most of them have full-length mirrors allowing you to dress in style. A well-designed walk-in wardrobe in luxury 2 BHK homes in Thane not only gives your home a classy feature but also maximises closet space while minimising floor clutter.

2. Picturesque Views

Mumbai is home to calming view of the lake and sea. However, the abundance of high-rises in the city and the constant hustle-bustle makes it difficult to unwind at times. Luxury homes in Thane are built strategically to give residents picturesque and calming views making their home a personal haven to unwind in after a long day of work.

3. Security

Thefts and unwanted access to your home don’t just rob you of your valuables but your peace of mind as well. Residential apartments in Thane by top builder Ace Realty come equipped with top-notch security features such as CCTV cameras, safety alarms, smoke detectors, and more. With these features, you can be relaxed knowing your home and loved ones are safe at all times.

4. Smart Home Solutions

AI is adding convenience to every segment of our lives and luxury homes make these features all the more accessible. From curtains that open and close at the touch of a button to lights that can be controlled remotely, smart home features give you an opulent feel like nothing else. A lot of homes also use motion sensor lighting, security monitoring via an app, smart temperature control and more for a luxurious home.

5. Exceptional Amenities

Luxury homes are designed to provide you with a comfortable and lavish living experience. These homes are equipped with amenities that go far beyond the traditional features such as a swimming pool, gym, walking track, play area, and more. This gives homeowners the option to interact with their fellow residents in a secure place while also having the option to unwind peacefully in their homes.


When it comes to buying a home, certain luxury features have become non-negotiable. These features are what transform a home from any other property to an impressive and luxurious space. For people looking to buy luxury 3 BHK homes in Thane, Ace Realty offers reliable and luxurious options designed to elicit a ‘wow’ response.