Vastu Shastra is an Indian design system which uses ancient texts to keep one’s home in harmony with nature and its elements. Using this concept is believed to create positivity, abundance, and happiness in a home.

These days, top real estate developers in Thane such as Ace Realty are constructing luxurious residential apartments in line with Vastu Shastra guidelines. Here, we bring you some of the top colour recommendations as per this practice to beautify your home while bringing in harmony and positivity.

According to Vastu Shastra, every colour possesses a distinct vibration and energy. When used in certain areas, these energies can influence the mood and emotional state of the residents. Using the right colours at the right places in your property in Thane can promote positive energy and a better flow of tranquillity and success.

1. Pooja Room

A temple or Pooja room in the house offers the perfect place for daily prayers and rituals. This place is usually associated with peace and tranquillity. White works best here as it symbolises purity and spirituality. if you want to add a splash of colour, you can opt for a light yellow or light pink as well. Avoid using black and other dark colours in this room.

2. Bedroom

The bedroom is a place to relax and unwind. Ace Realty’s luxury 2 BHK homes in Thane offer residents spacious bedrooms with stunning views of nature. To complement this, soothing colours such as pastel blue, light green, or baby pink are appealing. These colours promote a sense of intimacy and calm aiding overall well-being. Avoid using dark red or other such bright colours in the room as they may interfere with your ability to sleep well.

3. Living Room

Your living room is the most dynamic area of the house where you will want to entertain guests and host dinners. Colours like cream, yellow and green are warm and inviting. They are known to symbolise harmony and create a pleasant feel for guests. Avoid dark colours here as they can make the room seem smaller and uninviting.

4. Kitchen

Kitchen represents the fire element of the home. This is why shades of yellow, orange, and red are considered auspicious for the kitchen. If this seems to stimulating or doesn’t match the overall tone of your home, don’t worry. You can opt for a contrast in one section or choose these colours for cabinet doors along a neutral backdrop. Avoid shades of greys, dark blue and black in the kitchen as they dampen the inherent energy of the space.

5. Bathroom

Create your personal oasis at home with clean and serene colours like white, light blue, and soft aqua in the bathroom. These colours evoke a sense of cleanliness and tranquillity, creating a spa-like feel while giving it a clean look.


When you purchase a home from top real estate developer in Thane, Ace Realty, you already have the advantage of buying a house designed as per the principles of Vastu Shastra. You can further enhance the energy of your home and create a positive harmonious vibe with these colour tips.