Jodi flats have been in the news for some time in Mumbai as homebuyers are constantly on the lookout for better flats with better amenities. No wonder real estate developers in Mumbai building luxury homes in Thane and other places in Mumbai are jumping on the bandwagon and building more Jodi flats or combination apartments. Jodi flats are perfect options for homebuyers who are looking for more spaces for their large families.

The flats are popular because they are not only well-planned but have large spaces for individual privacy. So, what are Jodi flats? It is a combination of two adjacent flats. The two apartments could be a combination of any size 1 BHK, 2 BHK, or 3 BHK. So, you get to live in one unit with a huge space.

Why do people prefer Jodi flats?

A Larger House

The truth is it is very difficult to find bigger spaces in Mumbai. If you happen to come across such flats, then they come with a hefty price tag. Most of them are beyond the reach of buyers. In this case, Jodi flats are the perfect solution where you get two side-by-side flats to form a larger unit. It takes care of the space constraints that larger families face. Most of these Jodi flats offer double the space of a regular flat. It’s a modern setup where families work and study at home. They make more room for work, study, and play areas.

Easy to Renovate

When you buy two adjacent flats, it is easier for builders to renovate them. You can continue to live in the apartment even when it is undergoing renovations. Jodi flats are also easy to design and expand catering to the needs of a large family.

Saves Money

Jodi flats are the perfect option for families who want to stay close to their family members and save money at the same time. It offers flexibility for homeowners who buy in pre-construction houses where buyers can customize the apartment according to their needs.

Attractive for Investment Purposes

When you buy two combined units, it considerably increases the value of your property. Hence it is great for investment purposes. Whether you are buying a residential property in Mulund or Thane, the property prices will skyrocket in a few years. Buying a Jodi flat also acts as a status symbol. Developers and builders of upcoming projects In Thane or Mulund are also attracting home buyers with a range of amenities that can make living in these apartments a fulfilling affair. Amenities include clubs, gyms, landscaped gardens, and other facilities.

Get Tax Advantage

Another great advantage of buying Jodi flats is that the two flat units can be used as a single unit and get a tax advantage. Combined flats not only offer better living options but also offer advantages when it comes to paying taxes.

Financial Flexibility

Another added financial advantage that comes with purchasing Jodi flats is having the option of renting the next-door flat. You can earn the extra money while keeping a close eye on the other flat.


Have you given up hope of owning luxury homes in Thane, Mulund, or any place in Mumbai? Well, don’t worry Jodi flats from reliable real estate developers in Thane or anywhere in Mumbai can make your dreams come true. Now you can realize your dream of owning a spacious home in Mumbai without draining your pockets, thanks to the concept of Jodi flats.