Natural sunlight is mandatory in today’s times to lend warmth, happiness, and spaciousness to homes. It beautifies the living space and makes you feel good from within. However, in today’s times with many buildings jostling for space, most houses struggle to get enough sunlight. If you are looking to brighten up your home and get maximum natural light, you can do exactly that with the following tips. Wherever you choose to buy a compact 1 bhk in an ongoing project in Thane or a ready to move luxury home in Thane, or Mumbai, ensure your home is a welcoming space of warmth and happiness.

Amplify Natural Lighting At Your Home With These Tips

1. Dress the walls with light colors

Light colors not only create the illusion of more space but also allow more light to filter inside the house. In this case, ensure that your walls are painted with light colors, and your ceilings and furniture follow suit which can make the whole space appear bright. Some of the color options include whites, pastel shades, and neutrals all of which contribute to a well-lit space.

2. Add more mirrors to amplify the light

There is no doubt about the fact that mirrors are a fantastic tool in your arsenal to light up your home. Just place them in strategic positions to bounce the light and create a more sunlit-filled room. The hack works especially well when you place them in the darker corners of the room. Not only mirrors, but reflective articles such as glass furniture, and metallic accents work as well. Add reflective objects to your furniture, and doors to bounce off light.

3. Light up the room with the right flooring

Light colored floors reflect more light while dark floors have the opposite effect. Choose light colored wood, tiles, and carpets to add more natural light to the home. Opt for pastel-hued carpets, light-colored tiles, and light wood textures to make your house appear bigger and full of light.

4. Embrace the outdoors indoors

Invite the outdoors into your living space to seamlessly connect the interior and exterior. Balconies or patios can change the whole setup of your home. With larger windows, more light can come in enhancing your living space and fostering a deeper connection with the natural world.

5. Throw open the windows to let in more light

Windows is the link to the outside world and hence keep them clean at all times to let in maximum light. Consider investing in more energy-efficient windows that illuminate your home and ensure less amount of heat loss. Sheer and pastel-shaded curtains can let in maximum light and yet keep your privacy safe.


Your home can be a picture of a sunny disposition with natural light. Let’s get it straight whether you buy 2 BHK luxury homes in Thane or 1 BHK luxury home in Thane, you can turn your home into a cherry haven with ample light flooding in. It not only offers solace to your soul but also makes you and your family members healthier. Always choose to buy a residential property in Mulund or Thane that looks sunny over dark and dreary flats. Sunlight homes are what can ensure you have a long healthy and happy stay at your newly purchased home.