Top Reasons For NRI To Invest In Mumbai Real Estate

Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) play an active role in investing in India and one such avenue is the real estate market. Investing in luxury homes in Thane or purchasing a residential apartment in Mulund has become a popular way for NRIs to pump money into the Indian economy. As a city, the trendy and dynamic lifestyle of Mumbai makes it a preferred location in India for NRIs.

However, there are tons of benefits that go with purchasing a property in India for NRIs. Here, we take a look at the benefits and reasons why NRIs should invest in Mumbai’s rapidly growing real estate market.

Advantages for NRIs to Invest in Mumbai Real Estate

Capital Growth

The Mumbai real estate market is growing by leaps and bounds. With it being not just a prominent metropolitan in India but the world, real estate prices in Mumbai are expected to rise. In fact, by 2030, the Indian real estate sector is expected to reach USD 1 trillion in market size, up from USD 200 billion in 2021.1 With Mumbai being the city for luxurious homes, it is likely to share that growth as well. For NRIs, buying a 2 BHK studio apartment in Thane can lead to huge capital appreciation in prices in the coming years.

Rental Income

Along with capital appreciation, real estate provides additional income through rent. A luxury 3 BHK apartment in Mulund can generate a much larger rental income than other flats or locations in Mumbai providing homeowners with an alternate source of income.


Owning a property in Mumbai gives NRIs peace of mind and a sense of security about their future. Whether it is for a permanent move in the later years or as occasional visits, owning a home in one’s domestic country offers greater emotional and financial security.

Exchange Rate Advantages

For NRIs living in parts of the currency where the currency is stronger than the rupee, such as the USD or GBP, investing in real estate in Mumbai offers major benefits. People can purchase a luxury 2 BHK in Mulund at a much more affordable rate owing to the currency exchange rate advantages.

Top Residential Projects

For NRIs, investing in real estate requires careful assessment as they are not living in the city to personally check the project. However, as this city attracts the best real estate developers such as Ace Realty which are among the most trusted in the field, it is easier.

Metropolitan Lifestyle

In India, Mumbai offers the ultimate metropolitan lifestyle. Whether it is professional growth or cultural outings, this city has it all. For NRIs, purchasing a house in trending areas such as Thane or Mulund can offer them the vibrancy of the city along with luxurious comfort making it an ideal investment opportunity.


The real estate market is continuing to boom, and Mumbai is one of the most in-demand locations for a home. This city is the ideal choice for NRIs to invest in as it offers them numerous financial advantages while also being the perfect fit in terms of lifestyle.