Under-Construction VS Ready-To-Move: Which Should You Choose?

Investing in a home is no small task. For most, a home is the promise of a new start to life. Shifting to a luxury 3 BHK apartment in Mulund can offer you numerous benefits and change the way you experience life. From location access to wonderful amenities, and a dynamic neighbourhood, the home you purchase can have varying impacts on your life.

However, before this change, comes the decision to purchase a home that is under construction or ready-to-move-into. Both these options have their pros and cons but each buyer needs to carefully evaluate their situation to decide which suits them best. Here, we take a deep dive into both scenarios to help you decide which the better choice is for you.

Nature of Use

The first factor you need to consider is the reason you are purchasing a home. A 2 BHK property in Thane works well as a place to live and as an investment option. In case you are looking for a place to live, a ready-to-move-into property may serve you better as you can see all aspects of the property. Additionally, you don’t have to wait for the construction to be completed before you can move. As an investment option, an under-construction property may offer better cost benefits.


A ready-to-move-into property is likely to be significantly higher in cost than one which is under construction. Several upcoming real estate projects in Thane by trusted developers such as Ace Realty offer multiple pricing plans that allow people to comfortably afford a home. On the other hand, a ready-to-move-into apartment may be priced higher by up to 30% for added convenience.

Amenities Available

With a ready-to-move-into property, you can judge exactly how well it suits your needs. These areas are more developed and give a better idea of the connectivity, neighbourhood, and amenities available for homeowners. Under-construction properties may take years to be ready during which there may be changes to the area that don’t best serve your interest.

Time Considerations

For those looking to make a move soon, a ready-to-move-into property is a better choice. Unexpected obstacles or construction delays may extend the time on a developing property which can be an issue if time is a crucial factor. In such cases, it may be advisable to pay a premium on a ready property than wait for extended periods waiting for your property in Thane to be constructed.

Income Generation

For a house that is primarily being used as a source of income, this decision needs to be taken carefully. An under-construction house will only start paying back in terms of rent after it is constructed while a ready-to-move-into property allows you to start earning rent instantly. Additionally, the tax benefits for home loans can only be claimed post-possession in an under-construction project which may have a larger impact on your finances in case of a delay in completion.


When it comes to buying property, these pointers can go a long way in guiding you to pick the better option for your needs. To ensure you don’t get cheated only purchase from a reputed builder and developer in Thane such as Ace Realty which is known for its professional standards and ethics.