A buyer looking for a 1 BHK or 2 BHK luxury home in Thane will always look for an open space in the flats. Especially in a bustling city like Mumbai, there is a rising demand for balconies. No wonder the upcoming real estate projects are making it a point to incorporate balconies in apartments.

The real purpose of including balconies in apartments is, it offers residents much-needed open spaces and allows them to grow plants and indulge in their green thumb, making it a vibrant center point of their homes.

Advantages of Balcony Apartments in Luxury Homes in Thane, Mumbai

A balcony not only enhances the look of your home but boasts several other advantages like the following.

The Green Thumb of Your Home

Plants are the living soul of your verandah, so most buyers like to own a flat that may be small but enable them to create a terrace garden. Whatever the size of your balcony, you can turn it into the beating heart of the house. You can grow plants, flowers, and vegetables and make it a thriving corner. Whether it is smaller hanging planters or bigger planters, you can include them in your balcony and turn them into the family’s go-to spot where members can spend some quiet moments over a steaming beverage, listening to the twittering birds drawn to the verdant plants.

Welcoming Natural and Fresh Light into the Balcony Flat 

While the balconies of 1 BHK luxury homes in Thane are exalted to a venerable green spot of the home, there are also other advantages of a verandah. It is the place where the inside of the house greets the outside world. You get to enjoy the salty breeze of the Mumbai air and instantly feel revived. Breathing in fresh air can rejuvenate a tired body and soul. Breathing in lungfuls of fresh air while enjoying a warm drink is the ideal pick-me-up after a long tiring day.

Enjoy Gorgeous Sunrises and Sunsets 

Whether it is early in the morning, at dusk, or at night when the stars and the moon bathe the balcony with a pale silvery light, enjoying the beauty of the outside world through a balcony is always pleasant. A balcony allows you to enjoy every time of the day and every season, even the splash of the rain after a scorching day.

Ensure you make the ideal seating arrangements inside the balcony, a swing, a few chairs, and a table or a hammock to make it the more lived-in space of your house. All you need now is the pleasant lilt of music, and it is almost like you are enjoying a mini vacation at your own home.

Makes the Living Space Appear Larger

A balcony does not encroach upon the living area of the home instead, it makes your home appear bigger, and enjoy an extended living space in your home. One may not be able to afford highly luxurious apartments, but one can enhance the living space, inviting the outdoor space inside.

Adds the Much-Needed Storage Space

Today, most residents living in compact apartments are looking for extra space. A balcony can provide just the extra space you may look for, where you can store things, you may not use regularly, such as a bicycle or other odds and ends that clutter your flat. Storing them neatly on a balcony will give them storage space and not make them look like an absolute eye sore.

If you are looking for affordable flats in Thane or other parts of Mumbai with a balcony, you may find one in Thane. Ensure luxury flats in Thane from a reputed builder and developer in Thane, like Ace Realty, who makes your dream of owning a home with a balcony in Mumbai come true.