As people transition into their senior years, the prospect of purchasing a new home can bring both excitement and apprehension. India’s senior citizen population is expected to grow to 31 crores by 2050. The trend of Retirement Community Living is coming up with a fast pace in India. With retirement on the horizon and changing needs, it is crucial to carefully consider various factors before buying a property in Thane or Mumbai.

In this article, we will explore essential points to contemplate when buying a home as a senior citizen. From location and accessibility to amenities and financial considerations, we aim to provide valuable insights that will assist seniors in making informed decisions. By taking these points into account, older adults can find a home that offers comfort, convenience, and an ideal environment for their golden years.


Senior citizens need support in every step of their life. Taking this literally, residential property in Thane that senior citizens look for should supports them at each step. Availability of elevators and slopes should be a part of the checklist. In case of electrical failure, generators that can power the elevators should also be available. Skid-free tiles and support railings would also make their lives simpler. These may not matter to the young audience but can be a decider for the senior citizens.

Parks and Community centres

Senior citizens often dive into yoga, meditation or walking as activities to keep them fit and on the move. They should prefer residential complexes that provide them will ample space and green surroundings to involve in activities they like.

Community centres and clubs also play a vital role in their lives. They like to interact with other senior citizens who resonate with their lives. Community centres where they can interact, book clubs and other activities can help them with a peaceful life.


Having an hospitals and medical centres around the residential property in Mulund or Thane should be a priority not just for senior citizens but for everyone. It is important that senior citizens not only focus on their regular health check-ups but also make sure that they have emergency wards in close vicinity.


With increasing offences against senior citizens, it has become a necessity for a good secure locality. It will not only help them stay safe but also provide a peace of mind to them and their families. Check for reputed real estate developers in Thane that provide security systems like doorbell camera for an added layer of protection.

Loans on pension

Senior citizens often live through their pensions and savings. Most banks provide loans to senior citizens up to the age of 70 and senior citizens can pay their EMIs from their pension. With proper financial planning, it is not impossible for senior citizens to live a comfortable life.


When it comes to buying a residential property for senior citizens, it is important to look for the right locality. But along with it, it is more important to have a connected locality. Availability of taxis, auto rickshaws and other transportation facilities can help the senior citizens to live a life of ease.

In conclusion, buying a home as a senior citizen requires careful consideration and planning. It is important to prioritize factors such as affordability, accessibility, parks, healthcare, security, loans on pension, and transportation to ensure a comfortable and convenient living environment. By taking the time to evaluate these factors, seniors can make informed decisions that lead to a fulfilling and independent lifestyle. Remember, age is just a number, and with the right home, seniors can continue to enjoy all that life has to offer.