Top Vastu Tips To Boost Positive Energy In West-Facing Homes

Once you have bought your 2 BHK residential apartment in Thane, the time has come to design it. One of the best ways to boost positivity and success in our home is by applying the principles of Vastu Shastra.

As per Vastu, all homes are auspicious as long as certain design ideas are followed. When it comes to West-facing homes, certain design considerations can work wonders in supporting the family’s prosperity and success.

Typically, in a West-facing home, the main door faces west. Here, we take a look at the top Vastu tips for designing a West-facing 2 BHK property in Thane.

Metallic Main Door

The main door design is important and it should ideally be placed at the mid-west location. Additionally, adding a touch of metal here can work wonders for your home. Use a decorative metallic nameplate or an artistic metallic bell. Additionally, ensure you do not keep any trash or clutter near your main door so remove any dustbins or unwanted items from your entrance.

Designing Your Bedrooms

The master bedroom would benefit most on the southwest end while the children’s room can be at the west or northwest corner. The master bedroom must be at the highest level of the house (in the case of multiple-storey homes).

Bathroom Location

There are a couple of options suitable for the bathroom but according to Vastu, a bathroom should never be in the northeast corner of your home as this space is auspicious. Instead, you can choose either the northwest or southeast direction for the bathroom.


The kitchen symbolises nourishment and health of the family as well as the fire element. For these reasons, it is ideally located in the east or southeast corner of your west-facing residential property in Thane. In case you cannot move the entire kitchen location, ensure that your cooking counter faces east.

Temple Room

The temple room should be in the most auspicious zone of the home where positive energy can be maximum to bless your home and its inhabitants. For this reason, the northeast corner is highly recommended for a temple.

Natural Light

West-facing rooms benefit a lot from the natural flow of light and energy. To attain this, be sure to design big windows in the north and east corners to let in ample sunlight.

Clutter-free Environment

While cleanliness is a good practice for everybody, it is particularly important in a west-facing home. According to Vastu, maintaining a clean and clutter-free environment can boost positive energy in the home.

Colour Palette

Vastu suggests the best colours to boost prosperity and wealth in west-facing homes. Choose from natural colours such as white and beige. For an added touch of colour, you can add elements of yellow and silver as well. Avoid using excessively bright colours in a west-facing home.


A west-facing home offers its owner several advantages when designed as per the rules of Vastu. This section is well-known for its warm evening sunlight and bright energy. Some people also believe a west-facing home brings wealth and prosperity to the homeowners. So, when investing in Ace Realty’s ongoing projects in Thane, don’t worry if you get a west-facing home. Simply apply these Vastu tips and you’ll surely be happy and successful in your new home.