Is 2023 A Good Time To Enter The Real Estate Market?

Real estate has always been an attractive market for investors. The past years witnessed a dormant phase due to the COVID-19 pandemic and its far-reaching consequences. However, the Indian economy is back on its feet and one industry which is showing positive momentum is real estate.

Property is high in demand whether it is a 1 BHK studio apartment in Thane or a luxury 3 BHK in Mulund. Market upswing, investor confidence, rising demand, and bank rates, all have played a favourable role in this positive trend making it a good time to buy a house.

The decision to buy a house may seem overwhelming but several factors can assist you. Key factors to look for include location, affordability, and a trusted developer like Ace Realty known for several established and ongoing real estate projects in Thane.

Here are the top reasons that make real estate an attractive investment in 2023.

Increasing Demand

As the economy and employment continue to improve, demand for property is only going to increase. This may mean higher property rates in the future. Getting a foothold in the real estate market now is likely to prove to be a fruitful venture.

Secure Investment Strategy

The real estate industry is well regulated by government authorities reducing the chance of fraud. Further, unlike other investments such as stock markets and digital currency, real estate is considered a safe investment. The most important thing here to secure your investment when it comes to promising luxury 2 BHK homes in Thane is to choose a known and reputed builder such as Ace Realty.

Tax Saving

A major advantage of real estate is that it offers owners several tax benefits. From insurance to repairs, loan amounts, and even rental income, there are tax-saving benefits at all levels making this a highly lucrative investment.

Profitable ROI

Luxury 3 BHK homes in Thane are not just a valuable purchase as a home but an investment as well. While this may seem like an expensive option for some, don’t worry. Purchasing a property that is under construction can offer you budgetary relief while allowing you to own prime real estate. Further, property rates appreciate with time allowing you to earn profitable returns. Along with capital gains, property owners can also enjoy monthly rental income which leads to a significant rise in their cash flow.

Interest Rates

Home loan interest rates play a huge role in determining one’s ability to buy a home. Currently, the interest rates are holding steady between 8-9% largely. This makes it an ideal time to start investing, especially with the forecasted increase. As interest rates increase, everything from lending rates, EMIs and tenures get affected and more expensive.


As an investment or as a chance to own a home, real estate has always been high in demand. As the markets improve and the economy continues its positive momentum, property prices are expected to rise further making now the right time to invest in a house. With several established and ongoing properties under its helm, Ace Realty is a trusted real estate developer in Thane to help you start investing today.