Repay Your Home Loan Faster With These Tips

Buying your 3 BHK property in Thane may require additional capital that is greater than your savings. This is where home loans come in. A home loan is the perfect bridge to help you buy your property at the right time without waiting a lifetime to accumulate such a large amount in your savings.

Seeking a home loan for a prime property in Mumbai such as luxury 3 BHK apartments in Mulund can attract a higher interest rate. Paying off your home loan timely is crucial to prevent hefty penalties and repay your debt.

Here, we bring you the most effective tips to help pay off your home loan faster.

Know Your Budget

Home loans are available for varied amounts. While it may be tempting to borrow a larger amount for your preferred 2 BHK luxury homes in Thane, be mindful that you only borrow an amount that is within your financial capacity. Plan your budget carefully and stick to it. This will help you create a financial plan that allows for timely repayment of the EMIs.

Look For Low-Interest Rates

There are many lenders in the market offering different interest rates. Be sure to reach out to as many as possible to find the most favourable terms for you. In case you have a good credit score, be sure to use that to your advantage. Low-interest rates allow you to get lower EMIs which play a huge role in your monthly payout. Connect with your trusted real estate developer in Thane Ace Realty for additional help.

Pay Your EMIs On Time

Home loans mean a monthly payment or EMI that needs to be paid. When it comes to paying off home loans faster, the most effective tip is never to miss this payment. You can set up an auto-debit facility with your bank to ensure it is paid on time. Missing this payment not only attracts additional charges but also impacts your credit score negatively which can create future issues for loans.

Opt For A Substantial Down Payment

Before buying your residential property in Mulund, ensure that you have enough savings to make a sizeable down payment. Opt for a smaller loan to cover up the difference but try and pay the larger amount through your savings. This will reduce your overall pressure for repayment.

Choose A Shorter Home Loan Tenure

Home loans can be availed for as long as 30 years. However, while the interest rates are lower for longer plans, they can ultimately wear you down. Instead, it is advisable to choose a shorter home loan tenure so that you can manage and close off your debt at the earliest.

Opt For Loan Prepayment

Certain lenders allow you to prepay amounts greater than your EMI to help pay off your debt early. Make sure your chosen lender offers this option and opt for it whenever it is possible while managing your other expenses.


A home loan is inevitable when buying a property, but with these guidelines and a trusted lender, you can pay off your loans timely. The best builder and developer in Thane, Ace Realty can help you get your dream property while also assisting you in knowing about favourable financial terms.