Signal free corridor to ease “world’s most chaotic” traffic

If you are living in a luxury 3 bhk home in Thane or the surrounding areas and are tired of the traffic snarls. If the line of the slow-moving traffic makes you take a detour to reach home, and at times wonder if you should shift to a new 2 bhk in Mulund, then there is some news for you.

The MMRDA has approved the construction of a new pair of U-shaped flyovers in addition to the current bridge that runs over the crossroads to relieve congestion at Teen Haath Naka. This makes.

Teen Haath Naka is a critical juncture on the Mumbai (LBS route) – Nashik – Thane – Pune route, where approximately seven roads merge, including three arterial lanes. The current waiting time at the signals is exorbitant and crosses 15 to 20 minutes easily. This creates hassle and traffic that gets commuters frustrated and late to their destinations.

According to a 2014 research commissioned by the Thane corporation, the intersection is one of the world’s most chaotic.

Despite the fact that the MSRDC erected a flyover over the intersection two decades ago, it does not accommodate the increased traffic beneath and between the seven lanes that connect Mumbai-Thane through LBS road with the Eastern Express Highway.

To ease the pain and reduce traffic wait times and eliminate signal crossings completely, Thane Corporation has proposed development of 2 U-shaped flyovers.

The plan for the flyovers, which would cost roughly Rs 289 crore, was submitted to the MMRDA committee last month and eventually received administrative permission.

A 700m-long, U-shaped flyover would take off from the Nashik lane of the Eastern Express Highway after the Teen Haath Naka intersection. It will run parallel to the present bridge before turning right and landing a few metres ahead of the junction on the Mumbai-bound carriageway, according to the designs. All cars entering Thane city from Mumbai or travelling towards LBS road or the old Pune highway will take this arm without stopping at the signal light to cross over.

Similarly, traffic heading towards Mumbai via LBS road from Nashik, Pune, and Thane would mount the second U-shaped flyover after reaching the junction on the Mumbai-bound lane of the highway. The 900m-long flyover will travel parallel to the highway before doing a U-turn and landing in the opposite direction front of the Teen Haath Naka.

Each of the flyovers planned are 3 laned each and would completely eliminate the need of signals that are currently required to cross the intersection at the arterial junction.

According to officials, after the project is done, the waiting time at the signal for cars travelling from Mumbai, Thane, Nashik, and Pune would be significantly reduced. The approach comprises deleting the signs that increase waiting time, which often exceeds 15-20 minutes. The presence of two U-shaped flyovers at the location would aid in traffic control, particularly after the metro station is built along the length. A tiny section of green cover between the service road and the highway may be affected by the project.

Real estate developers in Thane are all motivated with this plan of making Thane a beautiful peaceful area to live.