Understanding Area while buying your dream house

Real Estate is a complex business which involves a lot of jargons. In India, different terms are used to describe the size of an apartment such as Carpet area, Built-up area, Super-built-up area.

The most important aspect to know before buying a ready to move luxury 2 BHK in Thane or in an ongoing project in Thane is how much space you will get inside the house.

Let’s decode these jargons to help you understand the ideas and make a wise decision while buying a residential property in Mulund or any place in India.

What is carpet area?

As the name suggests, the total area where a carpet can be laid down on the floor in the property is the carpet area. It is the most useful criteria for you to decide and choose your dream luxury 2BHK in thane. It will tell you about the net usable area in your property and make your decisions wisely. As per Real Estate Regulation and Development Act (RERA), it does not include the total thickness of the inner walls. To tone it down for you, it is the area of the living room plus the area of all the bedrooms plus the area of kitchen and toilets plus the area of balcony.

What is Built up area?

Built up area is the gross total area of the property. It is the area of the property including the area covered by inner walls of the property and other unusable area like dry balcony. This also leads to the feeling of having a bigger property when compared with carpet area. It can be considered as the area covered by the perimeter of the property. Builders often use built up area as reference to pinpoint carpet area.

What is Super built up area?

With built up area and carpet area, curiosity within us awakens. Super built-up area is the carpe area, built up area along with common usable area for the whole building. This includes area like stairs, elevator shaft, lobby, etc. Developers often include amenities used by the whole building like swimming pool, garden, club house, etc. in the super built up area.

When developers construct a project, they not only construct flats but other amenities that the flat owner may require as well. Super built-up area was used by developers to calculate the area they needed to develop rather than just sell and set prices for their properties accordingly.

When you are looking forward to buying a luxury property in Thane, you should make a mental note of all the components you need to pay for the property. It is important that you know what you are paying for and the returns that you will gain out of it. At times, it may be difficult to get a clear understanding from the brochure, having a knowledge of these basic terminologies can make your decision-making process easier.