Serenity Within A Bustling Metropolis: Advantages Of Open Spaces In Residential Apartments

High-rise apartments, commercial growth, and growing migration have led the ever-bustling city of Mumbai to get busier. This city of dreams has people from all over the country trying to make a life for themselves and find a property to love. While urbanization continues to increase, open spaces have significantly decreased all over the city. This has led to the urgent need for such spaces to be available within the safety and comfort of residential apartments in Thane.

Here, are some important benefits of creating an open space in a residential complex.

Promote Outdoor Activities

The thought of driving from your home to a park in Mumbai traffic for a walk or jog can be a major dampener in one’s fitness journey. On the other hand, an open space within the residential property in Mulund is highly convenient and a great motivator in maintaining a healthy regime. Open spaces allow for various outdoor activities such as walking, running, sports such as tennis or badminton, and more. All of these not only promote physical fitness but also build rapport with the neighbours.

Enhance Mental Wellness

Connecting with nature is one of the best ways to destress and relax. However, for most people, life is spent largely indoors. With an increase in home gyms, video games, OTT streaming services, and remote working, people can comfortably live all day in their homes without missing a beat. While this is convenient, it can be detrimental to one’s mental health. An open space, specially one created in real estate projects in Thane, allows residents to relax, rejuvenate and unwind with nature, easily and safely.

Foster Better Community Relationships

These days, people scarcely know their neighbours. With families also becoming nuclear and smaller, developing a sense of community has become all the more essential. Open spaces within a residential complex encourage social interaction among residents and pave the way for group activities, kinship, and more.

Eco-Friendly Attributes

Open spaces don’t just help residents but the environment too. The addition of greenery helps combat air pollution and allows for better temperature regulation. Further, activities such as rainwater harvesting and preserving the natural surrounding areas help minimise the burden of urbanisation on the environment.

Boost Property Aesthetics and Value

An open space in an otherwise congested city gives residents more breathing room while also significantly enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the property. AceRealty projects such as Ace Avenue and Park View in Mulund or Ace Courtyard luxury homes in Thane, provide a luxurious ambience with well-designed open spaces at affordable rates. Open spaces that are landscaped within a complex also enhance its property value thus making it a wise decision by property developers in terms of investment and future growth.


Open spaces in residential complexes offer numerous benefits, ranging from improved physical and mental well-being to community bonding. Not only does this create a serene space in a secure location but also helps people unwind and connect socially in an otherwise busy city.