Moving to a new neighborhood may prove to be an exciting phase of your life. But breaking the ice with your new neighbors may prove to be more difficult than you thought. Although, introducing yourself to new neighbors is stressful, once you finally break the ice you will be happy and content.

A neighbor is a friend indeed, especially on those days when you feel lonely, and your best friend is too busy to talk. A neighbor is not just a fair-weather friend. They will be there for you when things go wrong or when you want to share your happiness. If you are in a neighborhood with residential apartments in Thane or other parts of Mumbai, here are the top ways to be friends with your neighbor.

Simple Yet Effective Ways to Meet New Neighbors

Introduce Yourself

Although you may feel doubtful at first, you need to take the first step and knock on your neighbors’ door. Announce your arrival, in your 3 bhk studio apartments in Thane, introduce yourself and if your neighbor is friendly, you may make a friend on the first day in the neighborhood of luxury homes in Thane or Mulund. And once you hit it off you may become part of all celebrations taking place in your neighbor’s house and vice versa.

Throw a Housewarming Party

The best way to know your immediate neighbor and all others in your society is by throwing a housewarming party. Invite everyone in your new neighborhood and once they troop over to your house for food and drinks, you will not only get to know them but become friends with them at the very first meeting. If not everyone, at least a few of them will share your thoughts, beliefs, and mindset.

Join the Local Community Gatherings

The local community events are one of the best places to chum up with your friendly neighbors. Whether it is a cleaning drive or a fund-raiser it will give you plenty of reasons to meet talk and with time become life-long buddies. If you happen to support the local community, you will be in the good books of the residents of the neighborhood and open a further channel for communication.

Offer Help

If you happen to help your neighbor of your new residential apartment in Mulund, when they are in trouble, you will earn extra brownie points from them. Offer to carry their things from one place to another if they need help or offer them a ride if their car breaks down. There are many ways to offer help when your neighbors need it the most. Once you start talking, you may realize you have more things in common than you realized.


While at first, it may seem like you are surrounded by unknown faces in your new 2 BHK luxury apartment in Mulund but very soon they may become friends on speed dial. In times of distress, nobody can come to your aid quicker than your neighbor, and in times of happiness, too nobody can come to share your happiness like your neighbors. It’s certainly the most rewarding relationship ever.