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  • 5 February

    Thane Municipal Corporation Launches Mission Waste Management

    Thane, the satellite town of Mumbai, has been rapidly growing over the years. Today, it has the population of about 20 lakh. The city generates about 650 mt tonne solid waste every day. Being a proposed smart city, Thane has been facing the pressure of following solid waste management rules and scientifically treating garbage.

    In this scenario, making some extra efforts to make Thane a cleaner city, the city municipal corporation has organised a three-day Thane Waste expo, a meeting point for the waste management experts and waste generators, the citizens.

    “We intend to create a psychological revolution in the way people think about waste. We want the focus towards upcycling and repurposing not just shunning and forgetting about it. All the cities are now looking at new ways to handle the waste. We are encouraging the housing societies and other organisations in the city for having their own in-situ waste processing. We have, therefore, organised the expo to educate and aware the citizens about the technologies and products for waste management,” said Additional Municipal Commissioner Sameer Unhaley.

    The event was attended by several companies, such as Ecobot, EcoSupport, Neem Enviro, Neel Kamal, Sanjeevani, Concept Biotech, Mantras Green Resources, BioPlasto bag and many more. These companies deal with waste management and manufacture products that convert wet waste into manure.

    Several active residents were seen at the event enquiring at the stalls. Now, that TMC has made segregation of waste mandatory for all housing societies, the Waste Expo acted as an important networking ground for them.

    “Citizens are very important part of the waste management movement. Women, especially, are the key drivers as they are the ones that battle the menace of garbage every day. If they can make segregation and treatment of wet waste a habit in their day-to-day life, we can have a greener and better Thane for tomorrow,” said M R Shah, former MR Shah, principal adviser, Solid Waste Management cell of MMRDA.

    Competing with each other in a healthy way, the companies were busy impressing the citizens of Thane with their products. Prachi Nimkar, technical leader, with EcoSupport, a team of Ex- NEERI professionals, said, “Our machine holds an edge over others in the market as it works with the technology of natural composting, is fire safe and consumes less power. Starting from Rs 3.5 lakh, our machines offer good quality manure that has a high market value.”

    Ecobot and Foodie automatic wet waste composting machine were also featured at the expo that work with negligible manpower requirement through odourless and emission-free process.

    Innovative products, such as 100% compostable and biodegradable garbage bag by Plastobag; Ecobin home composter by EcoSupport; smart stairs climbing bin from Bingo and glossy self-cleaning paint coats that keep walls free from pan-gutka stains were also featured.



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