Comparative Parameters To Check Before Buying Real Estate

Buying real estate is by no means a small feat and one that should be taken with great care. Once you have identified your chosen property category, such as luxury homes in Thane, it is important to look at a few projects before investing.

Having the right checklist can help you clearly identify the property elements that work best in your favour. Here, we bring you the top parameters to check and compare when it comes to purchasing real estate.

Property Readiness

When choosing your favourite 2 BHK property in Thane, you may want to check in on its readiness. A lot of flats are put up for sale at different stages of construction. Check with the builder when it will be ready to move in and how soon will you obtain possession of the flat. Knowing the clear timelines is important to ensure you are not waiting endlessly for your home.


This is one of the primary elements to check when purchasing property in Thane or anywhere else. You want to ensure that the location of your dream home is suitable to your lifestyle. Visit the area at different times of the day to get an idea of what it would be like to live there. If you are looking to purchase 3 BHK luxury homes In Thane as an investment, then location becomes even more important to elevate resale value.


Everyone’s lifestyle is different and individual factors must be taken into consideration when buying real estate. For instance, accessibility to one’s office, school, gym etc. may play an important role in the final purchase decision. Similarly, for someone metro station proximity may be a primary requirement while for another easy access to a hospital may be needed. Be sure to check that the location meets all the crucial accessibility parameters before finalising the purchase.

Property Area

The area per square foot is a huge determiner of the cost of the property. Be sure to carefully inspect the area from within the property before discussing a purchase. When possible, visit the property before it is carpeted or filled with furniture. Check the carpet area possibility of all the properties to get the maximum possible space in your budget.

Amenities Offered

Often properties offer various amenities and features for the convenience of the homeowner. These may range from a gated community to additional security and multiple parking options. The cost of all these features can accrue over time even though they may not be added at the time of purchase. Be sure to check for all the amenities and their recurring cost to ensure budget feasibility before purchasing.

Builder Credibility

You don’t want to purchase the best residential apartments in Thane only to find out that the builder was unreliable. When looking at multiple properties, always check the builder of each project. As real estate is a long-term and expensive purchase, it is recommended to only purchase from a reputable builder with expertise in real estate.


This checklist can help you purchase the perfect property aligned with your needs and budget while maximising the return on your investment.