There are many things to consider when one thinks of buying a house. The process is complicated, and the buyers are often confused as to what they need and what is on offer at the market.

It can be useful to have written priorities to assist you to navigate the process without overlooking some of the elements that are significant to you and your family. The realtor will want to know your needs to show the best properties to you. In this article, we will highlight points to consider while buying a new home in the upcoming projects in Thane

Location of the project

A convenient location is what buyers seek when they buy a house. The home must be at a convenient distance from their work, school, and so on. One must check traffic movement and easy access to the main roadways. By investigating this before making a purchase, you can avoid problems getting out of the neighbourhood and onto the main road or from an excessively long commute.

Sizing and flooring plan of the house

Before house hunting, decide on the correct size of the house for you and your desired floor plan. You may be drawn towards buying a luxury 3 bhk home in Thane, but always keep the budget in mind. Then, strive to stay as true to that as you can.

Remember that while more space can provide you with an additional storeroom, library, or temple room you’ve always wanted, it will also mean a higher cost.

Additionally, it will need more monthly maintenance costs, work to maintain the house clean and more furnishings to furnish it. Therefore, take into account the layout and space you’ll need for your lifestyle both now and for the remainder of your stay in your residential property in Thane.

Windows and lighting arrangement

Consider the views and illumination from the windows in the rooms where you will spend most of your daylight hours in particular. You don’t want to have to use an artificial light source or spend the entire day staring at the side of your neighbour’s house because your room is too dark or your windows open into the neighbouring complex

Take a note of the upcoming projects also, to ensure that the windows and the balcony have an open view and light enters the apartment.

Past projects of the developer

Once you have shortlisted the project, it is wise to check for testimonials and check out the past projects of the real estate developer in Thane. In this way, you can know the kind of services that the developer provides and also the kind of work one can expect from them. This helps one to stay away from untrustworthy developers.

Customer reviews

Reviews and testimonials of the builder and developer in Thane are a must thing to check. This ensures that you are investing your money in a good project. Or else there is a possibility that you will end up with a shabby apartment or delayed projects and your hard-earned money will be wasted. Hence reading reviews and even talking with older customers is a sure way of knowing in detail about the developer


Keeping all these factors in mind will help one to buy the perfect luxury homes in Thane.