The value of owning a home and making an investment in real estate is beginning to dawn on millennials. Change in beliefs of millennials has led to a sharp increase in demand in the real estate market. They believe that luxury homes in Thane are the safest option to invest money that would eventually generate excellent returns. Recent trends have shown that millennials choose to invest in real estate instead of fixed deposits in banks. Let’s understand the main factors that they keep in mind while buying a residential apartment in Thane


Millennials lack bias and sentimental ties to particular places. They are willing to make investments in upcoming areas. They are aware of the changes in the market and ongoing advancements because they are constantly connected to the internet.

The current generation measures distance in terms of travel time rather than kilometres. As a result, they are not afraid to make investments in locations that are outside of typical city cores yet have greater connections. They choose to buy a 1bhk property in Thane which is closer to their work, as it reduces carbon imprint, and they also spend less time traveling. This means they can spend more quality time with their family.

Versatile homes

Millennial home buyers do not look at homes just for relaxing or for simply spending time with families. Due to the advent of the work-from-home culture, homes have become a place for resting and work. Separate spaces are provided by the developers in society premises for people to work from home. Hence people are now looking for smartly designed homes that offer a luxurious feeling for resting and working simultaneously.

Secondary income source

The millennial generation views real estate investments as a secure bet for their future. This new generation invests in real estate that will quickly increase in value or generate income from rentals.

Lifestyle changes

After the pandemic, there has been an increase in demand for homes that offer basic lifestyle features. The younger crowds want to stay connected and get access to lifestyle amenities. within their housing society. They look forward to buy luxury homes in Thane that include a clubhouse, swimming pool, yoga decks, lush green surroundings, cycling, jogging tracks, and many more.


Young home buyers look for sustainability in their homes. They understand their responsibility towards the environment hence, they look for ongoing real estate projects in Thane
that save water, and energy and are developed using environment-friendly materials. Solar powered water heaters, rainwater harvesting, and sewage water recycling are some of the features that people look forward to.


The modern generation is thoughtful while buying their dream house. They are no longer looking at a place to stay but looking at house to live and enjoy their life.