Some upcoming projects in Thane have compact houses for people looking to buy affordable houses that fit in their budget. These houses feel smaller and more cramped than they need to, as a result of awkwardly positioned furniture or a lack of space. Fortunately, there are a few simple techniques you can employ to quickly create light, bright, and airy areas.

Use mirrors strategically

Mirrors must be placed strategically on the opposite side of windows as it will help in reflecting lighter and make the room look bigger. If there are large walls, create a wall with mirrors of different sizes. This looks aesthetically beautiful. You can place a mirror at the end of a thin hallway to make it look wider.

Use pastel colours

You can eliminate the use of dark colour to give a visually larger look to the room. Dark flooring, walls, and ceilings can give the impression that a space is smaller and more enclosed. Using white or pastel shades on the wall or flooring can reflect light and make the house look bigger.

Painting the walls is simple but replacing the dark floors will cost money. Try installing a lighter coloured rug or carpet over a darker floor to establish a toned down colour scheme for the room. This acts as a quick remedy that will only cost a fraction of the price of replacing the floor.

Get rid of clutter

Keep the room neat and well organised to make the room look bigger. Although it may be tempting to fill up the shelves with books and other artifacts, make sure to leave some free space on the shelves. Your 2bhk property in Thane will appear small and cramped when there is an excessive amount of clutter on show.

Pay attention while hanging curtains

Make sure the curtain rod you place extends past the window frame on both sides. When the curtains are open, they won’t obscure the glass or the incoming light, which will make the windows appear larger. A window will appear taller if the curtain rod is mounted several inches above the top of the window.

Sheer fabric curtains allow light to pass through the window. You can use simple stripes or small florals to keep it simple.

Get artistic with furniture

Replace bulky furniture with movables that have smaller profiles. Keep it simple and focus on only one decorative item. To provide the illusion of more space, choose low lying tables with exposed legs made of materials like glass, wrought iron, or acrylic.

Natural lighting

Natural lighting opens the space and makes the room look larger and more welcoming. Natural lighting and artificial lighting make the room look visually appealing and creates the effect of bounce light in the room.


What are you thinking about? Try all of these tips to make a compact home feel more open and spacious.