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  • 8 DEC

    5 Tips to Winter Proof Your Home

    With the onset of winters, we often prepare ourselves for the chilly months by shopping for cozy blankets or heaters and blowers. However, in the process, we miss out on naturally preparing our home to brace the winters season. we brings you essential tips that can make your home winter ready.

    With Octomber coming to an end, we can already feel the slight change in temperature. From replacing the old pipes and heating systems to installing a new geyser in the bathroom requires a lot of preparation in advance. The chilly wsinter winds and storms can cause serious damage to your home. Therefore, it is essential to make your home winter proof beforehand to safeguard your family against serious health issues. Similar to a plant, your home too requires the right care and maintenance from time to time. By following some easy-to-remember tips and tricks, you can prepare your home for the cold weather.

    Check the plumbing

    It is essential to check that all the pipes and fittings are functional. In areas where the mercury dips below freezing point, pipes can easily freeze and burst. In order to avoid such a mishap, you can install a heating cable that would prevent your pipe against freezing during winters. These heating cables are typically wrapped around the pipes to keep them heated during winters. In case a pipe is rusted, you can always replace it with a new one. The best option would be to seek assistance from a plumber and get all your old pipes replaced.

    Install the heating systems

    Heating appliances such as furnaces, space heaters, and fireplaces play a crucial role as they help in keeping your home heated during the winter season. In case your room heater requires a replacement, get it done before hand. While hunting for a new heating system, remember to check its quality and select the one that requires minimal maintenance equipped with the latest heating technology.

    According to Rohan Goregaonkar, Creative 7 Design Studio, "Avoid excessive use of heater and turn off the heater once the room temperature is moderate. The doors and windows are kept closed during winters in order to keep the room warm. Heaters produce carbon monoxide gas which is trapped inside the house that might be extremely harmful." Furthermore, it may also result in serious health issues.

    Check the drainage system

    It is important to ensure your drainage system is functioning well. Remove the debris as it might lead to clogging of the drains. To make your drainage system function well, check your pipes and replace them, if required. Avoid using poor quality pipes as they have a low shelf life. Do not compromise with the quality of the fittings to save some extra bucks. To be on the cautious side, always go for the best quality fittings.

    Make your home odour-free

    Since the windows and doors are closed during winters, there are chances it can lead to accumulation of bad odour in your home. Furthermore, in case your home has a prolonged sewage issue, there are chances of a smelly house that will have a negative impression on new visitors. The heating systems too can generate an unpleasant odour to your home. In order to make your home smell fresh, make use of room freshener's and get your heating systems checked as that might be the major cause of the foul smell.

    Seal your windows

    If windows are not sealed properly, there are chances that cold air can easily pass through the room. To make your home insulated during winters, the best option is to fill the cracks and gaps of the windows. In order to seal your windows and make them airtight, apply caulk around the corners of the window. A caulk is a flexible material which is used to seal cracks, gaps and joints. You can do it on your own, however, to be on the cautious side you can always take help from the handyman services. Furthermore, you can also cover your windows with black curtains as they help in preventing excessive heat loss and keeps your home warm during winters.



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